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Regrind slideways and vee's on table, saddle and knee
Turcite and fit gib strips
Repair table topand regrind
Fit new leadscrews and nuts
Fit elevating gears and bearing if required
Fit any worn parts in table/saddle feed units
Replace all lubrication meter units and pipes
Fit new manual lube pump
Replace conduits
Fit new spindle bearings and regrind R8 taper if required
Replace any worn parts in milling head
Fit new halogen lamp
Re spray machine
Accuracy checks carried out before machine is delivered to customer



Hard chrome to top of knee - 360
Align feed fitted to X axis - 399
Align feed fitted to Y axis - 399
2 axis digital readout - 600
Stand on coolant tray - 400
Automatic lube pump - POA
Interlocked guarding - POA
Transport - POA
Reconditioned Bridgeport mill
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